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Valmont primary pomade

Valmont primary pomade

minsan: 7612017056142
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This ointment nourishes the skin intensely and instantly.  Thanks to advanced technologies, the wonderfully light texture quickly penetrates the skin, visibly repairing dry or irritated areas.  Replenishes lipids, restores the skin's protective barrier function and softens dry skin.

 The skin is smoother, more elastic, wrapped in a feeling of comfort.

 Suitable for all skin types, especially the driest ones.

 NOTE: The high concentration of vegetable waxes can result in the formation of crystals, which do not in any way affect the efficacy or safety of the product.  LP FOS complex: promotes the balance of skin flora for an optimal protective barrier

 Biomimetic lipid complex: restores the barrier function of the epidermis

 Oil-repairing complex: blend of intensely nourishing vegetable waxes, esters, oils and butters

  • DHL Italia è prevista una Spesa di € 9,00  per ordini inferiori a € 70,00.
    Sotto a 0.5kg
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    Per spedizioni in tutta Europa (no Italia) UK e Irlanda spedizioni temporaneamente sospese causa Brexit
  • DHL Isole minori è prevista una Spesa di € 20,00  per ordini inferiori a € 78,00.
    Isole minori

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