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Valmont AWF5 V-SHAPE Filling cream

Valmont AWF5 V-SHAPE Filling cream

minsan: 7612017059372
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The AWF5 complex effectively firms and fights wrinkles, targeting 5 essential youth factors:

 .  The antioxidant vitamin C protects the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen;

 .  The fibro-boost stimulates collagen and elastin;

 .  GAG-boost promotes the production of glycosaminoglycans;

 .  Densi-Derm strengthens the fibers;

 .  The Peptide Cocktail repairs wrinkles.

1 formula with 5 different rejuvenating actions:
 .  protects against free radicals responsible for skin aging,
 .  tightens the tissues, for a rested appearance;
 .  plumps the skin, making it appear younger;
 .  regenerates the tissues, improving their tone;
 .  reduces long-term wrinkles.

  • DHL Italia è prevista una Spesa di € 9,00  per ordini inferiori a € 70,00.
    Sotto a 0.5kg
  • DHL Europa è prevista una Spesa di € 15,00  per ordini inferiori a € 100,00.
    Per spedizioni in tutta Europa (no Italia) UK e Irlanda spedizioni temporaneamente sospese causa Brexit
  • DHL Isole minori è prevista una Spesa di € 20,00  per ordini inferiori a € 78,00.
    Isole minori

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