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minsan: 979070238
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Crystal Kit is an extraordinary two-phase facial treatment with highly regenerating, moisturizing and elasticising properties.
 Crystal Kit takes advantage of a technological innovation developed by the iCare laboratories that allows the active ingredients to cross the skin barrier and penetrate deeply into the dermis.  In fact, the problem with all cosmetic treatments is that they are applied to the skin, which by definition acts as a barrier and prevents external substances from penetrating inside the body.  For a treatment to be truly effective, it is essential to overcome this barrier and penetrate into the deepest layer of the dermis, to fight skin imperfections at the root.  Crystal Kit succeeds thanks to cutting-edge technology that overcomes the skin barrier, without damaging it, and conveys its active ingredients in depth.  In this way the treatment really acts on the skin cells and gives effective, real and tangible results.

 The Crystal Kit treatment consists of two phases: the first involves the application of Crystal Oil, a fluid composed of microcrystals dispersed in oil, with highly regenerating properties because it is enriched with antioxidant active ingredients in a very high percentage.  A real concentrate of anti-aging active ingredients.  Crystal Oil is contained in a special applicator that releases the product in a precise and targeted way, allowing you to dispense the desired amount depending on the areas of the face.  Crystal Oil should be massaged into the skin immediately with the fingertips for about 20-30 seconds.  In this way, a slight transdermal action will be implemented which will allow the microcrystals to overcome the skin barrier and dissolve deeply in the epidermis, releasing the active ingredients where they can act in a really effective way.
 The second phase consists in applying the Multi Active Mask, a cellulose mask soaked in highly nourishing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It should be applied after having distributed and massaged Crystal Oil on the face, and kept on for 15-20 minutes;  in this way the residual microcrystals will dissolve spontaneously.  After removal, gently tap and massage the skin to absorb the residual product.

 The innovative technology of Crystal Kit allows its active ingredients to:
 • Overcoming the skin barrier and strongly stimulating cell renewal of the skin
 • Effectively counteract the cellular aging of the skin using antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients
 • Deflate, de-inflammation and calm the skin, leaving it hydrated and nourished in depth

 Crystal Kit was subjected to an efficacy test, on a sample of 20 volunteers between 33 and 54 years old.  The results were that after just 30 minutes, hydration up to over 125% and greater elasticity up to over 35% were obtained.  After a few applications, the dermal density increased by 30.1% and a reduction in wrinkles of 19.5% was obtained.

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