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S.I.R.P.E.A. SpA
minsan: 931038133
ean: 8023233030936
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Cream treatment with a high concentration of enhanced Active Plant Germ Cells.  Suitable for the most marked skins and in need of a deep regenerating action.
 A doubly enhanced formula, BIO GERMINAL COMPLEXE, a complex of multifunctional active ingredients, is present in an even higher percentage, plus it is enriched with BIOSTIMOLINE.  Thanks to this extraordinary combination, the regenerative action of skin cells is at its maximum intensity and effectiveness.

 It fights skin aging and promotes the formation of new cells giving a decisive boost to cell turnover.  It increases the activity of sirtuins, increasing their longevity and repairs damaged cellular DNA while preserving the genome.  It fights the cellular senescence of fibroblasts by promoting their formation and increases the level of collagen and protein synthesis.  Indispensable for blocking photo-induced aging, it provides effective protection against free radicals, metalloproteinases and oxidative stress.  It stimulates skin metabolism by accelerating the generative activity of new skin cells to quickly obtain noticeable results.
 The skin finds new life, is regenerated, relaxed and radiant.


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