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Moisturizing cream treatment based on Active Plant Germ Cells, specially designed for the male epidermis.
 Quickly reconstitutes the hydrolipidic film of the skin with a strong moisturizing action, protects against aggressions from the external environment and fights skin senescence.  It reactivates cellular functions by providing new germline extracts, restoring energy to the collagen fibers even in the most tired skins.
 It makes the skin fresher, more elastic and with a healthier appearance.

 The characteristics of men's skin are particular and require specially designed products.  The CBN Laboratories have created for them customized formulations, based on Active Plant Germ Cells, which aim to solve specific problems and have a very high degree of effectiveness.

 All the products in the line contain a multifunctional complex of patented active ingredients, the BIO • GERMINAL COMPLEXE.  It is composed of active germ cell extracts able to favor the germination of new skin cells and to allow their continuous duplication.  Its treating abilities are superlative and it acts simultaneously on several levels:
 • allows the formation of new skin cells
 • plays a beneficial action on the telomeres of existing skin cells
 • protects and repairs DNA while maintaining its genome
 • promotes cell regeneration thanks to plant DNA
 • performs an anti-aging action against wrinkles
 • contributes to the formation of new collagen and to its protection
 • protects against free radicals
 • leads to an overall lengthening of cellular life
 • protects against pollution and heavy metals thanks to particular proteins, PHYTOCHELATINS, capable of binding to the metals themselves and stealing them from free circulation within the cell cytoplasm

 Crème Hydratante Homme also contains:
 • POLLEN EXTRACT, allows the elongation of the telomeres of skin cells, increasing their longevity.  It is tonic, nourishing, invigorating, relaxing, soothing, rebalancing, detoxifying and regenerative
 • HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE RNA AND DNA COMPLEX, basic unit of all living organisms, regenerates skin cells, effectively fights the effects of time, hydrates and tones the skin
 • ACTIVE CELLS OF NINFEA BIANCA, limit the appearance of skin aging signs
 • PEPTIDE DERIVED FROM WILD TOBACCO, stimulates the synthesis of new collagen, protecting it from degradation
 • DOPAMINE ACTIVATOR, astringent, stimulating and invigorating, it gives the skin a feeling of radiant well-being
 • SODIUM HYALURONATE, moisturizing and protective, gives softness, elasticity and tone to the skin
 • AVOBENZONE, UV filter.  Helps protect the skin against solar radiation, delaying premature skin aging induced by harmful sun rays
 • PANTHENOL, anti-inflammatory, protective and moisturizing
 • BIOSACKARID GUM-1, long-acting moisturizing agent of natural origin.  It gives immediate well-being to its application
 • ISOMERATED Saccharide, calming, increases the degree of hydration and softens even the roughest skin

 Apply morning and / or evening, after having thoroughly cleaned the skin, with light upward movements.

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